This unforgettable fantasy romance weaves a spellbinding tale of magical mysteries and heart-pounding romantic thrills.

Discover a fresh twist on the genre that explores the intricate dance between love and lust, the resilience of life after loss, and the transformative power of self belief.

Ruby & Onyx will capture your heart and sweep you away into a realm of passion, mystery, and self-discovery.

Trapped in the remote village of Carcera, Radya dreamed of an impossible life: 

A life outside of the magical barrier. A life of love and adventure. A life liberated from the menacing red eyes haunting her nightmares. Those delusions were merely a dream, until those red eyes turned corporeal and revealed a fate foretold from ages past.

Forced to reckon with an arranged marriage to the snarky and fickle Prince of Mendacia, who grates on her nerves as often as he quickens her pulse, Radya must navigate an unfamiliar world of magic, lies, and deception. The closer she gets to the truth, the more people get hurt. Each revelation comes at cost, threatening to ignite a war between Kingdoms and lovers.

Will Radya choose this new life, despite the profound repercussions? Or will she follow her dreams, which connect her to yet another life unknown?

About the Author

Summer Grace is a debut author, publishing Ruby & Onyx as the first part of a series.

Summer grew up in New Orleans and currently lives in Southern California. She is passionate about writing stories that inspire as much as they entertain, and she hopes that Ruby & Onyx will inspire readers to believe in themselves and embrace their inner strength.

Summer draws upon her own experiences and relationships during the writing process to build intricate storylines and deeply relatable characters. A naturally talented writer, and a charismatic introvert with a big heart, Summer loves the process of crafting a thrilling fantasy experience with a hint of her own reality thrown in – culminating in stories that resonate with and truly move her readers.

In her spare time, aside from being Stage-I Book-Nerd, you’ll find Summer paddleboarding, running half-marathons, sipping wines and brews at a local tasting room, and hanging out with her dog (who, of course “SPOILER ALERT”, a character in Ruby & Onyx is based on!).

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Excerpt 1:
“For years, I felt something stirring inside of me, untouchable and unseen. It thrummed beneath the surface and clawed at my mind in search of release. I never knew what it was or how to quiet it, or why the simple act of living felt so unfulfilling. Now, I understand”

Excerpt 2:
“For a moment, even in the midst of this chaos, time stands still. For just one moment, we acknowledge each other’s presence like it’s a sweet gift from the gods.

He is alive.

He is breathing.

He is well.

He is familiar, yet I can’t seem to latch onto the memory that might explain who he is. It’s just out of reach. His name… What is his name? I can’t recall, but I feel that my heart might belong in his hands.”

Excerpt 3:
“I try to claw at the cage’s seams, but it only worsens the pain seething inside me, sending sparks zapping through me. The mud beneath my boots makes it harder to stand as I sink deeper and deeper into it. I  cannot let them win. I cannot give in.

Their approach is slow, steady, and calculated It almost makes me laugh. All of these cold-blooded soldiers are hidden behind a forcefield. It’s all of them against one powerless woman, and yet, for reasons that I do not understand, it is their eyes that are coated with fear.


I summon the only remaining strength left in my weak, deteriorating body to propel myself to stand.  If they want a fight, then I’ll give them one. I release the scream welling up inside of me, desperate to summon power from the deepest part of my soul, but when my mouth opens, no sound escapes. Only the sound of footsteps moving closer and the huffs of tiring soldiers fills the dark, all consuming silence.

The cage is shrinking.

I am shrinking.

They won.”

Excerpt 4:
“My nightmares never show me mercy. They sink their claws deep into my mind, refusing to grant a single night of reprieve.

It terrifies me to think on the possibilities of what could be so horrifying that my own mind shields me from it.  The only guarantee when it comes to my nightmares is that when I wake, the burning red eyes will find me.”

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